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The official website of the State of Mississippi

Manufacturer/Distributor Renewals

The Manufacturer/Distributor Renewal Process:

  • Visit:  
  • Select: Manufacturer/Distributor
  • Enter your License Number and Password
  • You should be on the INFORMATION tab.
  • Update all the information. If the information is incomplete, we will not approve your renewal.
  • Click the Update information button.
  • Select: The Makes tab and make sure your makes are listed.
  • Select: The Dealers tab. Be sure to add your dealers in the state of Mississippi
  • Click: The Renew License Button at the top.
  • From there, proceed with renewing your Representative and Manufacturer/Distributor licenses.
  • Once you are finished, the system will prompt you with a Renewal Verification.
  • This checklist must be completed before you can renew.
  • Complete the ManuDistUpdateForm. Submit via fax 601-987-3997 or email
  • PDF with visual instructions.


  • You must include ALL parts of your license number. You must include the letter(s) if they are a part of your license number. If you’re an RV manufacturer, your license number is RV1000. Some licenses have SPC, SFM, B, or M in front of them as well.
  • If a representative has late fees, it is because he/she is being licensed late. You have 10 days to license a representative. Ex. If you login to renew on October 15th, but add a representative who started in June, late fees would be assessed. If you feel the late fees are in error, contact us and we will review it. Representative applications can be found at here


  • You will print your license(s) through the online system.
  • You need to complete the ManuDistUpdateForm and return it by email, fax, or mail.
  • Your representative “shall have his license upon his person, or displayed at his place of employment, except as hereinafter provided, when engaged in his business, and shall display the same upon request.” Miss. Code 63-17-81.