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Section 63-17-93

§ 63-17-93. Hearings; notice; location; effect of failure to appear.

  1. When a hearing is to be held before the commission, the commission shall give written notice thereof to all parties whose rights may be affected thereby. The notice shall set forth the reason for the hearing and the questions or issues to be decided by the commission at such hearing and the time when and the place where the hearing will be held. All such notices shall be mailed to all parties whose rights may be affected by such hearing by registered or certified mail, and addressed to their last known address. Any such hearing shall be held in the county where the principal office of the commission is located.
  2. If any party who is notified of a hearing in accordance with the requirements of this section fails to appear at such hearing, either in person or by counsel, then and in that event the commission may make any decision and take any action it may deem necessary or appropriate with respect to any issue or question scheduled for hearing and decision by it at such hearing which affects or may affect the rights of such defaulting party.

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