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Section 63-17-79

§ 63-17-79. Specification of location of business; effect of change of location.

The license issued to each motor vehicle dealer, manufacturer, distributor, wholesaler, factory branch or division, distributor branch or division, or wholesaler branch or division, shall specify the location of the factory, office, branch or division thereof. In case such location is changed, the commission shall endorse the change of location on the license without charge if it be within the same county. A change of location to another county shall require a new license.

SOURCES: Codes, 1942, § 8071.7-05; Laws, 1970, ch. 478, § 5; reenacted without change, 1983, ch. 344, § 15; Laws, 1991, ch. 305, § 15, eff from and after July 1, 1991.