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Section 63-17-69

§ 63-17-69. Promulgation, etc., of rules and regulations by commission.

The commission shall have power to prescribe, issue, amend and rescind such reasonable rules and regulations as may be reasonably necessary or appropriate to carry out the provisions of the Mississippi Motor Vehicle Commission Law. No rule or regulation shall be effective until thirty days after copies of the proposed rule or regulation shall have been mailed to all motor vehicle dealers operating in the State of Mississippi, and a representative of each manufacturer, wholesaler, and distributor whose motor vehicles are sold therein, whether said representative is located within or without the State of Mississippi, and a notice setting forth either the terms or substance of said proposed rule or regulation and the time and place of a hearing thereon shall have been published in a newspaper of general circulation in the state and published in the City of Jackson. Such hearing may be held at any time twenty days after publication of such notice, but such rules or regulations shall not become effective until a hearing thereon. All rules, regulations and forms adopted by the commission shall be filed with its executive secretary and shall be readily available for public inspection and examination during reasonable business hours. A copy of said rules, regulations and forms shall also be filed and recorded in the office of the secretary of state. Any interested person shall have the right to petition the commission for issuance, amendment or repeal of a rule or regulation.

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