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Section 63-17-67

§ 63-17-67. Executive director; employment of clerical and professional assistance; office.

The commission shall employ a qualified person to serve as executive director thereof, to serve at the pleasure of the commission, and shall fix his salary, subject to the approval of the State Personnel Board, and shall define and prescribe his duties. The executive director shall be in charge of the commission's office and shall devote full time to the duties thereof. His duties shall include, but not be limited to, the collection of all fees and charges under the provisions of the Mississippi Motor Vehicle Commission Law, keeping a record of all proceedings of the commission and an accurate account of all monies received and disbursed by the commission, all of which records shall be considered as public records. The commission may employ such clerical and professional help and incur such expenses as may be reasonably necessary for the proper discharge of its duties.

The commission shall maintain its office and transact its business, except as otherwise provided, at Jackson, Mississippi, and the Department of Finance and Administration shall approve suitable quarters and the remuneration therefor.

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