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Section 63-17-53

§ 63-17-53. Legislative findings and declarations.

The legislature finds and declares that the distribution and sales of motor vehicles in the State of Mississippi vitally affects the general economy of the state and the public interest and the public welfare. The legislature further finds and declares that it is necessary, in the exercise of its police power, to regulate and to license motor vehicle manufacturers, factory branches and divisions, distributors, distributor branches and divisions, distributor representatives, wholesalers, wholesaler branches and divisions, dealers and salesmen doing business in the State of Mississippi in order (1) to prevent frauds, unfair practices, discrimination, impositions and other abuses upon the citizens of the State of Mississippi, (2) to avoid undue control of the independent motor vehicle dealer by motor vehicle manufacturing and distributing organizations, (3) to foster and keep alive vigorous and healthy competition, (4) to prevent the creation or perpetuation of monopolies, (5) to prevent the practice of requiring the buying of special features, accessories, special models, appliances and equipment not desired by a motor vehicle dealer or the ultimate purchaser, (6) to prevent false and misleading advertising, (7) to promote and keep alive a sound system of distribution of motor vehicles to the public, and (8) to promote the public safety and welfare.

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