Regulations: Regulation Thirteen



Regulation Thirteen:
Dealing with Brokers

Rule 13.1  Dealing with Brokers. The Mississippi Motor Vehicle Commission, being of the opinion that a viable network of motor vehicle dealers throughout the State of Mississippi is important to the citizens of the State, and the viability of such network is threatened by entities acting contrary to state law, finds that the following regulation is reasonable and necessary to carry out the provisions of the Mississippi Motor Vehicle law.

Under Section 63-17-73 subsection 14(b), “It is unlawful to be a broker.” No licensed Motor Vehicle Dealer can contract with or conduct new or used vehicle sales activity with a “broker.” If a new Motor Vehicle Dealer is thought to be in violation of this Regulation, the offending dealer may, at the discretion of the Commission, be requested to appear before the Commission to answer the charge and, if found to be in violation of this Regulation, be subject to any penalties provided to the Commission under the Motor Vehicle Act.

Source: Miss. Code Ann. § 63-17-69 (Rev.1983).