Regulations: Regulation Ten


Effective March 1, 2009 – Amended April 20, 2013

Staffed Sales Events

Regulation No. Ten establishes the requirements for conducting a staffed event sale. A staffed event sale is defined as an activity, usually lasting three to five days, designed to promote, solicit, or encourage a consumer to purchase a motor vehicle, conducted by a non-licensed entity with the use of temporary motor vehicle sales personnel.

All staffed event sales must be approved by the Mississippi Motor Vehicle Commission prior to the proposed staffed event sale. Each approval is good for one sale and must be granted each time a dealership uses a staffed event company.

An application to conduct a staffed event sale, on such form established by the Commission, must be received from a licensed motor vehicle dealer at least fifteen days prior to the scheduled first day of the proposed staffed event sale.

The packet contains three parts: Preferred Provider Application Form, Dealer Application Form, and Staffed Sales Event Personnel Application. Each of these forms must have original signatures and notarized before they are submitted. In addition to these forms, there is a roster that should be completed that condenses the salespeople that will be attending the sale on behalf of the preferred provider.

The forms will provide the following information and must be received before a staffed event sale can be approved:

  • The name of the company engaged by the applying dealer to conduct the staffed event sale.
  • The company’s physical address and mailing address.
  • The full name, home address, and Social Security Number of the owner of the company engaged by the dealer to conduct the staffed event sale.
  • The names and addresses of at least three new car dealers that have contracted with the staffed event sales company in the past two years, together with the owners’ names and telephone number of each dealer.
  • The full names, home address and Social Security Number of any sales personnel employed by the company conducting the staffed event sale who will be a participant in the staffed event sale.
  • The sale dates and dealership contact information for the sales event conducted by the Staffed Event Company.

The mailer that is to be used for the staffed sales event needs to be received along with the packet or via electronic mail. This must be done prior to printing and approval by MMVC staff will be granted once the mail piece is in compliance with regulation 4.

A salesperson that has not previously been licensed in our state in the last year will have to have a background check. An administrative fee of $40.00 to conduct the background check must be received for each name submitted as part of the staffed event sales company’s on-site personnel. This fee is in addition to the regular licensing fee of $10.00 per salesperson that is needed to issue license for the sales event.

These rules are promulgated under the authority of Mississippi Motor Vehicle Commission Code §63-17-69.

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