Regulations: Regulation Six


Regulation Six:
Standard for Salesperson

Rule 6.1  Amendment.

a. Criteria for Securing a Salesman License. Employed by or provide services to a Motor Vehicle Dealer relating to the sales or lease of new motor vehicles.

​b. Good moral character, honesty, high ethical standards.

Source: Miss. Code Ann. § 63-17-69 (Rev.1983).

Rule 6.2  Conduct which is presumptively does not meet these standards include conduct that resulted in:

1. Conviction of a felony.

2. Conviction of a misdemeanor involving misrepresentation dishonest conduct or breach of fiduciary duties.

3. Termination of previous employment for dishonest conduct.

4. Repetitive violations of law.

5. Civil penalties for fraud or misrepresentation.

6. Subject to cease & desist order prescribing misrepresentation or failure to disclose.

​7. Adjudicated to have misrepresented or failed to disclose material facts in a court or administrative proceeding.

Any applicant who is subject to any of the foregoing actions shall be given an opportunity to appear before the Commission to present any mitigating circumstances.

Source: Miss. Code Ann. § 63-17-69 (Rev.1983).
Rule 6.3 Effective December 21, 2004