Regulations: Regulation Fourteen



Regulation Fourteen:
Twelve Year Remodel

Rule 14.1  Twelve Year Remodel. The Mississippi Motor Vehicle Commission, being of the opinion that a viable network of motor vehicle dealers throughout the State of Mississippi is important to the citizens of the State, and the viability of such network is threatened by unreasonable demands being placed on licensed motor vehicle dealers by motor vehicle manufacturers and distributors, finds that the following regulation is reasonable and necessary to carry out the provisions of the Mississippi Motor Vehicle law.

Except as necessary to comply with health or safety laws or to comply with technology requirements necessary to sell or service a line-make of motor vehicles, it is unreasonable and prohibited for a motor vehicle manufacturer, distributor, or representative to require a franchised motor vehicle dealer to construct a new dealership facility or to substantially change, alter, or remodel an existing dealership facility before the 12th anniversary of the date the construction of the dealership facility at that location was completed if the construction was in substantial compliance with standards or plans provided by a motor vehicle manufacturer, distributor, or representative or through a subsidiary or agent of the manufacturer, distributor, or representative. ​

Source: Miss. Code Ann. § 63-17-69 (Rev.1983).