Regulations: Regulation Eleven



Regulation Eleven:
Specialty Vehicles

Rule 11.1  Specialty Vehicles. Regulation Eleven establishes that all second stage or “Specialty Vehicle” manufacturers must be a licensed Mississippi Manufacturer or Dealer. This requirement may be met by having Mississippi licensed salespersons representing said Manufacturers in lieu of an actual facility located in the State of Mississippi.

Mississippi governmental entities, political subdivisions including Volunteer Fire Associations therein, may at their discretion exempt themselves by way of contractual purchases from Regulation Eleven and the protections provided by the Mississippi Motor Vehicle Commission. When this exemption is exercised, written notice to the Mississippi Motor Vehicle Commission is required.

The Mississippi Motor Vehicle Commission shall not impose any additional fees on second stage or “Specialty Vehicles” purchased outside the State of Mississippi.

Source: Miss. Code Ann. § 63-17-69 (Rev.1983).