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Section 63-17-51
Short title.

Section 63-17-53
Legislative findings and declarations.

Section 63-17-55

Section 63-17-57
Creation of Motor Vehicle Commission; appointment and terms of members; officers.

Section 63-17-59
Qualifications of members of commission.

Section 63-17-61
Organization of commission; oath and bond of members; quorum; voting; seal.

Section 63-17-63
Meetings of commission.

Section 63-17-65
Compensation of members of commission.

Section 63-17-67
Executive director; employment of clerical and professional assistance; office.

Section 63-17-69
Promulgation, etc., of rules and regulations by commission.

Section 63-17-71
Motor vehicle commission fund.

Section 63-17-73
Offenses and penalties.

Section 63-17-75
Applications for licenses.

Section 63-17-77
License fees; expiration dates.

Section 63-17-79
Specification of location of business; effect of change of location.

Section 63-17-80
Motor vehicle lessors required to be licensed.

Section 63-17-81
License of salesman.

Section 63-17-83
License of factory representative or distributor representative.

Section 63-17-85
Grounds for denial, revocation, or suspension of license; assessment of civil penalty in lieu of suspension of license; collection and disposition of penalty.

Section 63-17-87
Limited revocation or suspension of license.

Section 63-17-89
Hearings; prerequisite to denial, revocation or suspension of license.

Section 63-17-91
Hearings; calling of hearing.

Section 63-17-93
Hearings; notice; location; effect of failure to appear.

Section 63-17-95
Hearings; conduct; decisions.

Section 63-17-97
Execution and enforcement of summons, citation or subpoena.

Section 63-17-99
Appeals from decisions of commission; finality of decisions.

Section 63-17-101
Recovery of damages and attorney fees by licensee.

Section 63-17-103
Restrictions on right to advertise motor vehicle as new; enforcement of restriction.

Section 63-17-105

Section 63-17-107

Section 63-17-109
Right of first refusal.

Section 63-17-111
Owner of dealership may appoint successor by written agreement; manufacturer or dealer must honor succession unless good cause shown; procedure for refusing to honor succession.

Section 63-17-113
Modification of franchise agreement; good cause required for termination, cancellation or nonrenewal.

Section 63-17-115
Unreasonable discrimination prohibited.

Section 63-17-116
Relevant market areas established for new motor vehicle dealers in counties having certain populations; notice to same line-make motor vehicle dealer in relevant market area required; standing to object to additional franchise agreements; factors for determining good cause for additional new motor vehicle dealer.

Section 63-17-117
Warranty or sales incentive audits to be conducted within certain amount of time after payment of disputed claim; approved and paid claims not to be charged back to dealer absent fraud, improper repair, or failure to substantiate claim.

Section 63-17-118
Compensation to dealer upon termination, cancellation, refusal to continue, or refusal to renew any franchise or any discontinuation​ of any line or make

Section 63-17-119
Suit to recover damages; venue; requirement that dealer waive right to trial void.

Section 63-17-141
Repealed by § 63-17-118; effective July 1, 2014

House Bill 844
Mississippi Vehicle Protection Product Act